13 Seasons

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St. Louis de Montfort speaks of Mary's power that will "shine" (True Devotion 54) in the latter times through the "true apostles of the latter times." (True Devotion 58)
We might affectionately call these apostles, "Mary's Dream Team."

  • Book Trailer

    Episode 1

    The BB Book is a hit! ... with adults too!
    This trailer features photographs of the book with BB's theme song from Dave and the Waves playing in the background.

  • Book Trailer-Marian Consecration for Little Souls

    Episode 2

    Connecting with God made Simple for You & Your Family!

    Full Color Book Featuring Illustrations of Fr. G and BB, Sacred Art and Icons.
    Engaging Retreat combined with Story Telling.
    Encourages Active Participation of the Reader or Group.
    Visit; Download the Free BB Group Guide.


  • Marian Consecration for Little Souls

    16.6 MB

    "Marian Consecration for Little Souls" is an exceptional gift for our times! It uses approved apparitions of Our Lady to teach the faith and lead souls to Jesus through Mary. Children, adults, and families will all be blessed by using this book. I can't recommend this book enough!" Fr. Donald Ca...

  • Fr. G and BB - Surfin for Souls

    Episode 3

    Surfin' for Souls theme song featuring Fr. G and BB. copyright 2015 M. Girard &
    Character Design - M. Girard
    Directed by M. & D. Girard
    Lyrics and Music-D. Girard
    Voices - DnA Girard
    Guitars, Organ & Piano - Richard Bethell

  • Surfin' for Souls

    Episode 4

  • The Holy Water Song

    Episode 5

    The Holy Water Song is featured in the Marian Consecration for Little Souls retreat book available at

  • Cape Kids Drama Club

    Episode 6

    Perform the story of Our Lady of the Cape at the October 19th, 2019 Rosary Bowl in Toronto, Canada.
    Enrol in the Rosary Confraternity at